Portrait of Logan Bingle in black and whiteLogan Bingle

I am Logan Bingle and my passion is bridging the gap between people, organizations and information. I have worked on this in a wide range of fields from librarianship to landscape design. While technology is an important part of this process, I also find that it is critical to connect digital activities to real people. This website forms one part in an intricate web of partnerships, technology and projects that make this possible. Some others ways you can connect or follow me are:

Connecting the digital and physical is critical to my practice. I have found that most of my experiences in life have come from the connection of multiple skills, people and resources. The idea of networks, emergence[2], and ecologies has heavily influenced my thinking and practice. As such, this website will speak to a diverse group of people including:


This website is really the fruit of my labor. Each post encapsulates an idea and energy to fuel it in a few thousand words. These ideas and energy come from a long process of dialogue, work and iteration.

I send theses seeds of ideas into the world in the hope that they will inspire you and lead to new thoughts, projects and ideas. There is little chance that I will be able to develop all of these ideas so I invite you to take these ideas in your own direction.

If I can assist you in developing an idea or you need permission to use my content you can reach out to me at lebingle@gmail.com. You can find more details on how you may use this website’s content in the Terms of Use.


There is often a sense that the internet erases regional identity. As Thich Nhat Hahn once observed though, “We can see the sun in a piece of paper.” Nothing is ever truly divorced from its physical setting or social context.

As such, I feel it is important to note that I have spent most of my life living in the Cascadia region. This is more commonly referred to in North America as the Pacific Northwest[1]. The content on this website is heavily influenced by the culture and dialogues occurring in this region.

On a larger scale, I have traveled extensively in the United States. I have also traveled abroad in England, France, Egypt and Japan. I am currently living in Vancouver, BC while earning my Masters of Library and Information Studies.


I have operated this website since October of 2012. The site has had various iterations and focuses, but all of them have come back to connecting people with information. You can view the full time line for this website at the Internet Archives Way Back Machine.


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[2] Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Cities and Computers