Seattle’s Gardens

A gravel path curves past a prestine lawn at Kubota Gardens while distant evergreens hint at the garden's grand size.

One of the great joys of summer is visiting the many great gardens and parks in and around Seattle. These gardens come in a wide range of styles from sprawling estates to small crannies.

Seattle’s gardens are particularly varied thanks to the mild climate of the Pacific Northwest. Ranging from USDA zone 6 to 9, western Washington sits in the middle of the environmental extremes found through out the United States. This allow Seattle’s residents to grow a delightful rang of plants along side native vegetation.

Kubota Gardens

9817 55th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98118

Open daily from dawn to dusk, free admission

Kubota PavillionThe Kubota Gardens are a series of spaces created by Fujitaro Kubota over a 50 year career as a gardener and landscape designer. The gardens demonstrate a wide range of Japanese garden styles and landscaping techniques.

The gardens are particularly note worth for their collection of mature everygreens, including massive Western Red Cedars and Deodara Cedars.

Another noteworthy element of the Kubota Gardens is the size of the property at almost 5 acres. It is entirely possible to feel lost in this massive space of winding paths and small glades and forget you are in a major city.

As a result, you should be sure to schedule lots of time to explore and enjoy this garden.

Seattle Chinese Garden

North end of South Seattle College

Open daily, courtyard open Tuesday to Sunday 11:30-5pm, free admission

A view down the Seattle Chinese Garden's welcoming walk to the main enterance

Seattle Chinese Garden Welcome Garden

The Seattle Chinese Garden is an on going project between Seattle and Chongqing as part of the pair’s sister city partnership. The garden is young and still under construction. However, the completed courtyard and pavilion offer a tantalizing glimpse of traditional Chinese Gardens.

The Seattle Chinese Garden also features a winding walk through its bamboo grove, plant nursery and peonies garden. The garden’s north lawn offers a spectacular view of downtown Seattle’s towers that is perfect for a picnic or playing fetch with your dog.

Parson’s Garden

7th Ave W & W Highland Dr, Seattle, WA 98119

Open daily dawn to dusk

Weeping cherries cascade over the lawn in Parsons Gardens and screen the park from local homes.

Weeping cherries cascade over the lawn in Parsons Gardens and screen the park from local homes.

Parson’s garden is another refuge in the city. Donated to Seattle by the Parson family in 1956, the garden’s mature trees and shrubs provide a sense of enclosure and protection.

The garden is also nice because it features a covered seating area that is perfect for picnics and has a large central lawn that is a great spot to lay in the sun.

Stepping out of this garden, you will also find a spectacular view of Elliot Bay from the park just across the street. It is a splendid spot to sit and watch the cruise ships and cargo freighters pass in and out of the bay.


Seattle’s gardens have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a large space to become lost in or an intimate nook. There is always a garden to stun and amaze.

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